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Master’s Christmas present

Well I got to get started on Master’s present. I put all my writings to the back burner for so long all the stories have started to run together and I have no idea how to sit down and separate them. But I promised him I would. 

He made me promise not to give up on my dream of writing. It’s all I do. I love to write and he loves my imagination. I do get carried away. I wrapped up with trying to get into the details. I want to be able to paint a picture in someone’s mind. I would love for someone to see what I am thinking. He tells me I don’t have to be so detailed but I can’t help it. It’s my obsession but it makes my stories too long I know…

I don’t mind criticism as long as it’s honest and not someone just trying to be hurtful. It’s one thing to critique and another to be down right mean. I write like I speak…which sometimes I do get carried away and use a lot of my southern hick twaing as I call it… My daughter once said it may come in handy if I was to ever have anything published to have a glossary included just in case. Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, lol.

Also, along the way, while I try and finish these stories I promised for him here on this blog…I may post some songs that I will be listening to while I write…it helps me. The stories are supernatural, fantasy, maybe somewhat sexual ( I may make it more erotic)…a little of everything…. hope you enjoy…feedback is welcomed…if you don’t, you’re opinion is appreciated as well…but don’t be mean!!!    


Goddess Lucina

Journeying to the Goddess

“Lucina themes are banishing, kindness, charity, health and protection. Her symbols are candles (light sources).  Lucina means light, and judging by Her description and attributes, it is very likely that this Swedish Goddess was the prototype for Saint Lucy. Lucina is a mother and guardian, offering fertility, protection, and well-being. In worship, Lucina is often represented by a simple, lit candle.

To chase away winter’s oppression and darkness, Saint Lucy’s festival is one of lights and charitable acts. Saint Lucy is the patroness who protects against winter throat infections, and commemorating her (or Lucina) today keeps one healthy.

Begin the day in Swedish tradition by lighting a candle to represent the Goddess’s presence. After this a breakfast of coffee, saffron buns, and ginger cookies is traditional fare. Coffee provides energy to give of yourself, saffron is often used is healing spells, and ginger promotes success in all your endeavours…

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Goddess Sakwa Mana

Journeying to the Goddess

“Sakwa Mana’s themes are prayer, communications, cycles, harvest, health and joy. Her symbols are the color blue, corn, prayer sticks and pine. The Hopi Blue Corn Maiden, this Goddess participates in the Soyal festival by carrying a tray of blue corn and spruce bows, both of which represent the Goddess’s ongoing providence, no matter the reason.

The Zuni and Hopi gather in kivas today and celebrate Soyal, the winter solstice ceremony of the Zuni and Hopi. They celebrate in order to comfort and bring happiness to the old year so that the new one will be filled with earth’s and Sakwa Mana’s bounty. Several customary activities today are fun to try. First, offer the gift of a feather to a friend. This ensures them of a new year filled with health and joy. To invoke Sakwa Mana’s blessing on the gift, pack it with a few pine needles. Over…

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Journeying to the Goddess

During the Dark Moon is the time to commune and heal with the Dark Mother or the Crone.  It is a time to dive down deep into the dark abyss within ourselves and deal with that which has wounded us. It’s all part of the great cycle of birth, death and rebirth – it’s how we heal ourselves.  “As a culture and a society, we have been taught to fear the darkness, the unknown and death.  We have forgotten the purpose of the Dark Phase and have no idea how to navigate its terrain.  We are consumed with fear, panic and anxiety  when we think about physical death of the body, our planet, a relationship, a way of life, an addiction, an identity or even a belief system.  Because of our  lack of understanding of such times and lacking the proper guidance in order to deal with them as they…

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