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Master’s Christmas present

Well I got to get started on Master’s present. I put all my writings to the back burner for so long all the stories have started to run together and I have no idea how to sit down and separate them. But I promised him I would. 

He made me promise not to give up on my dream of writing. It’s all I do. I love to write and he loves my imagination. I do get carried away. I wrapped up with trying to get into the details. I want to be able to paint a picture in someone’s mind. I would love for someone to see what I am thinking. He tells me I don’t have to be so detailed but I can’t help it. It’s my obsession but it makes my stories too long I know…

I don’t mind criticism as long as it’s honest and not someone just trying to be hurtful. It’s one thing to critique and another to be down right mean. I write like I speak…which sometimes I do get carried away and use a lot of my southern hick twaing as I call it… My daughter once said it may come in handy if I was to ever have anything published to have a glossary included just in case. Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, lol.

Also, along the way, while I try and finish these stories I promised for him here on this blog…I may post some songs that I will be listening to while I write…it helps me. The stories are supernatural, fantasy, maybe somewhat sexual ( I may make it more erotic)…a little of everything…. hope you enjoy…feedback is welcomed…if you don’t, you’re opinion is appreciated as well…but don’t be mean!!!    


Goddess Lucina

Goddess Sakwa Mana